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Earth Common, a peer-reviewed journal, welcomes original, unpublished submissions of articles, interviews, and other commentaries relating to sustainability, conservation and climate adaptation. In 2023, all submissions must explore the theme of “influence” (see below).

Articles, Features & Reviews—1,250-10,000 words (not including Notes and References), double-spaces, and in 12-point font size—should be submitted online. Documentaries, podcast series and works of art should be accompanied by a brief article outlining the project. Submissions should include a brief biographical note (50-100 words) and an abstract (150 words).

To apply for our 2023 issue, submit your research or multimedia project by April 30, 2023. Review our guidelines to improve your submissions’ acceptance.




the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Our 2023 theme: Influence

How do our core topics (sustainability, conservation and climate adaptation) intersect with our 2023 theme, “influence”?

Human behaviour is influenced by our culture, emotions and the natural environment. As the culture of a particular society influences the conduct or behaviour of an individual, so does the natural environment also influences human behaviour.

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