Preface | October 2017

On Synthesis

A. Rachelle Foss

Earth and the life it supports are entangled in a complex synthesis of pieces that come together to create a greater whole. Each part is intricately connected to others, in ways both seen and unseen as proximity or focus may prevent us from understanding the greater scheme. But the focus of this year’s Earth Common Journal: Synthesis—Uniting Health, Nutrition, and Health, hopes to bring light to intrinsic, yet often subtle, connections.

With this knowledge in mind, we are called to ask profound questions that explore whether economy can prosper while giving the environment needed respect and protection? Or does one always and only thrive at the expense of the other? Do we positively motivate through messages of shame? Or does true strength and change come from supportive communities based on common values and understanding?

For the first time since its inaugural year, Earth Common Journal’s editorial board is entirely new. A distinct group of students and alumni, from unique backgrounds, with differing degrees of experience, unique knowledge, and individual skill sets. But despite a seeming separateness, each brought unique strength to the process and challenged the status quo in ways that ensure the journal grows and continues. We embody the foundation of this year’s theme: Synthesis, as we come together, united under a common purpose: to collaborate in honour of our earth and environment.

-A. Rachelle Foss, Managing Editor, Earth Common Journal


Many dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals assisted in the development of the Earth Common Journal: Synthesis—Uniting Health, Nutrition, and Health Vol. 7 No. 1 2017. Thank you to everyone who participated in developing this issue.

Editorial Board: Lubna Albadr, Ashley Camarneiro, Virginia Dowdell, Brittany Ekelund, Heather Magusin, Anna McMillan.

Cover Designer: Iris Rohr, student, Royal Roads University

Authors: Troy Donovan, Ashley Camarneiro, Heather Magusin, Phillip Swallow, Emily Villanueva, Amanda Wolfer.

Other Contributors and Supporters

  • Dr. John Corlett, Provost and Vice President Academic, MacEwan University
  • Dr. Allan Gilliland, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications
  • Kalen Pilkington, Head of Sustainability, MacEwan University
  • Kyrsten Lane, Engagement and Outreach Advisor, Office of Sustainability,
    MacEwan University
  • Department of Communication

About the Author

Rachelle Foss is a MacEwan University graduate of Applied Communication. She works as a quality analyst for Workers Compensation Board.

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