Preface | October 2, 2014


Dr. Lucille Mazo

Every day, the sustainable acts that we implement become the sum total of acts that will ultimately determine how future generations act within their environments and lifestyles. Each time an individual, an organization, or a nation chooses to do what is right and good for the Earth, the world is presented the opportunity to collaborate and impart its knowledge, its resources, and its wisdom to humankind.

Everyday acts of decision that consider sustainable practices are the pillars upon which humans stand to ensure that the guardianship of the Earth begins in the individual homes and reaches far into the depths of nations. When one person consistently and persistently acts on a daily basis to reduce waste, water consumption, and other non- renewable resources, others follow…they begin to see how one act, one decision can change everything. Japan’s one decision to reduce nuclear power usage significantly by 2045 will affect millions of citizens, will demonstrate to the world that other alternative resources can be used, and will open new areas of energy sources that have not even been developed.

The authors in the Earth Common Journal: Everyday Activism Volume 4, Number 1 2014 provide their insights into acts that have and continue to have effects on our current and future generations.

About the Author

Dr. Lucille Mazo is the originator and managing editor of Earth Common Journal, a peer-reviewed, international, online journal for undergraduate students that focuses on three critical and global concerns: sustainability, conservation and climate change. This journal is managed through a student editorial board comprising communication students as well as students from other disciplines and countries.

Earth Common Journal

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