Acknowledgement | September 2013


Dr. Lucille Mazo

Collaboration is critical to the purpose of Earth Common Journal (ECJ), as one of its fundamental goals is to work with students and faculty to disseminate important and relevant information and research about sustainability, conservation, and climate change. As such, it has been an excellent opportunity to work with MacEwan University School of Business students, faculty, and administration to produce this special issue.

Earth Common Journal: e3=earth education economics Volume 3, Number 2, 2013 comprises the top six student conference papers that were presented at the 1st PRME Canada Regional Meeting hosted by MacEwan University School of Business on June 12, 2013 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The paper selection process was rigorous, followed by extensive peer and editorial review processes to ensure publication quality. Please join us in congratulating all students whose articles met these strict criteria.

At the Earth Common Journal Launch on October 3, 2013, Adam J. Henley received the MacEwan University School of Business ECJ Special Issue Best Article Award. This award and an honorarium of $500 for his article “Competing on climate change: An interprovincial, longitudinal review of emerging environmental risks to Canadian homeowner” was presented to Adam by Elsie Elford, Dean, MacEwan University School of Business.

Thank you to Dr. Eloisa Perez, Academic Chair of the 1st PRME Canada Regional Meeting, for her outstanding work on this special issue. Her guidance was greatly appreciated. As well, thank you to Elsie Elford, Dean, and Mike Henry, Associate Dean, for their excellent support on this special issue. This collaboration between programs created a broader platform for sharing significant information about sustainability, with the potential for future partnership and cooperation.

Also, thank you to the MacEwan University Student Led Initiatives Fund for providing funding for the editorial work that the student Earth Common Journal Editorial Board Special Issue provided to the student authors. This support was greatly appreciated.

About the Author

Dr. Lucille Mazo is the originator and managing editor of Earth Common Journal, a peer-reviewed, international, online journal for undergraduate students that focuses on three critical and global concerns: sustainability, conservation and climate change. This journal is managed through a student editorial board comprising communication students as well as students from other disciplines and countries.

Earth Common Journal

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