Preface | September 2013


Dr. Lucille Mazo

Change begins with a voice: sometimes small, sometimes loud, sometimes deep, and sometimes empowering.

Change begins with awareness, which is supported by thoughtfulness, which is founded through the process of reflection. Our sense of voice enables us to articulate and communicate the deeper message of change and allows us to contemplate the real issues that affect our earth. No one process constitutes the act of voice, as it is a compilation of observations that when expressed, echo our sentiments, our understandings, and our deliberations about what to say when we need to share knowledge about sustainability, conservation, and climate change.

Our choices to make change are often driven by necessity, perceived or real. When vulnerable life groups such as gorillas encroached in forests, birds caught in jet streams, and humans suffocated by hoards of plastic, clear and effective climate change strategies need to be voiced, debated, determined, and dedicated towards the protection of the Earth.Change begins with a voice: sometimes small, sometimes loud, sometimes deep, and sometimes empowering.

The authors in the Earth Common Journal: The Voice of Change Volume 3, Number1 2013 are cognizant of how voice works to affect change. They have observed, experienced, engaged, and have been the recipient of change.

About the Author

Dr. Lucille Mazo is the originator and managing editor of Earth Common Journal, a peer-reviewed, international, online journal for undergraduate students that focuses on three critical and global concerns: sustainability, conservation and climate change. This journal is managed through a student editorial board comprising communication students as well as students from other disciplines and countries.

Earth Common Journal

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