Preface| September 2012

Speaking for the Earth

Dr. Lucille Mazo

Speaking for the Earth is a choice. Acting as a vehicle to voice our understanding, knowledge, and research in relation to the state of the Earth is a privilege. Students are positioned in society to affect change by communicating through the written word, through comprehensive images, and through collective dialogues. When two or more students assemble for the purposes of sharing research ideas and experiences from various disciplines, a cacophony of expectations ensue. It is under these conditions that the conversation about sustainability, conservation, and global warming continues to expand and to be important and critical topics for students to explore and share. To stand in the place that Earth occupies and to consider what Earth may have to say is profound.

Earth Common Journal’s second issue, “Who will speak for the Earth?” strives to continue the ongoing local, national, and international dialogue, discussion, and conversation that is occurring between students, faculty, and community. The conversation about sustainability, conservation, and global warming begins with those who are faced with the current condition of the Earth—students who ponder about human priorities and their effect on the planet. Taking note of this conversation as it transforms into student research driven papers and projects is a signal for society to engage in this overall and complex discussion. Accessing student voices, insights, and observations about the relationship between Earth and humans is an important step to accessing solutions that set the pace for future environmental decisions.

In recognition of the incredible work that students submit to Earth Common Journal, three awards are being launched for the first time, and to be offered each year. The award for Best Cover Design recognizes a student’s interpretation of the issue’s theme as it is depicted on the journal’s cover. Best Article Award and Honorarium awards (first and second place) a student for insightful research that applies one or more of the three main focuses of the journal: sustainability, conservation, and global warming. The award for Best Original Music Composition recognizes a student’s creative and original music piece written for the theme of the issue. All recipients are MacEwan University students.

I invite you to read with conviction the voices of the students whose work comprises this issue. These articles are compelling and the voices contained within them are clear.

About the Author

Dr. Lucille Mazo is the originator and managing editor of Earth Common Journal, a peer-reviewed, international, online journal for undergraduate students that focuses on three critical and global concerns: sustainability, conservation and climate change. This journal is managed through a student editorial board comprising communication students as well as students from other disciplines and countries.

Earth Common Journal

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