Volume 1 | 2011

What Students are Saying

The only voices more important than those of the environment or professionals in the field are that of students. Grant MacEwan’s students are speaking up about climate change and this is what they are saying.





Climate Change | October 2011

The Problem with People. While climate change has become a political and economic issue within the past twenty years, our dependance on fossil fuels and its relation to global warming tends to fall by the wayside. It this this dependance that highlights, more now than ever, a need to focus on energy issue, rather than dwelling on the consequences of climate change.

David Campbell


Review | October 2011

Sleeping Naked is Green. Vanessa Farquharson — a young Arts and Life reporter for the right-wing, climate change-denying National post — has stripped down her life in order to live more sustainably. This review, Sleeping Naked is Green (2009), explores Farquharson’s journey through a lens of honesty and relatability.

Danielle Paradis

Earth Common Journal

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