About Us

We publish articles and projects about sustainability, conservation and climate adaptation.

Earth Common Journal began in 2011 as an opportunity for undergraduate students to contribute their research into a growing archive of understanding concerning three core issues: sustainability, conservation and climate adaptation.

Founded by Chief, Dr. Lucille Mazo, Earth Common Journal has published eight volumes and over 75 articles, podcasts, videos and musical compositions related to the core topics and annual themes.

Earth Common Journal is comprised of a rotating team of student and professorial editors, authors, producers and peer-reviewers who all see the benefit of applicable work in academia and the value of emerging thinkers in our highly connected world.

Earth Common Staff

Managing Editor
Archive Editor
Dr. Lucille Mazo
Jacqueline Ohm
Emily Homeniuk
Claire Wolsey
Joanna Dawyd
Aske Berentsen

Earth Common Journal

An online journal dedicated to supporting and promoting student research projects on the topics of sustainability, conservation and climate adaptation