Podcast Series
2023 Volume

Echoes of the Valley

Echoes of the Valley explores the intricate relationship between transportation, the environment, and the profound influence of two periods and two communities in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city. Cohosts Eylse Colville and Emily Homeniuk examine the historical significance of Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley, the challenges it faced during late 1960s, and the activists who worked to protect the valley. Building on this historical backdrop, Colville and Homeniuk discuss the contemporary 15-minute community movement and the push-back this neighbourhood model received.

Launching December 1, 2023.

By Elyse Colville & Emily Homeniuk

December 1, 2023

Driving Change

From the historic battles waged along the banks of the River Valley to the visionary aspirations of the 15-minute community movement, it becomes apparent that the true power to effect change lies not solely in the hands of policymakers and institutions but rather in the collective will of the people.

By Elyse Colville & Emily Homeniuk

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