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No One is an Island | By Elyse Colville, Heather Hutchinson & Grace Pratch

As a result of predatory delay and the hypocrite’s trap, consumers often feel responsible for an issue they have no feasible way of fixing.” The ability of the individual to affect climate change ∆


The Technological Abyss | By Aaron Mazo

The precipice over which we look, then, somehow offers us the possibility of salvation.” The role of Heidegger’s enframing in climate change ∆

Identify Reformation through Vegan Communities | By Amanda Yvette Wolfer

There exists both controversy and confusion surrounding [vegan]; it seems that everyone . . . holds an individual belief.” Identity politics within vegan communities ∆

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We publish research articles and projects about sustainability, conservation and climate adaptation.

We value curiousity, big picture and detailed thinking. We believe in shaping systems to benefit diversity across species. We support innovation.

We see research as something accessible and approachable. We believe that sharing emerging academic literature can build bridges and create new opportunities.

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